The Book

When God created the earth, He made it beautiful and close to perfect until He realized something was missing: people! Using His big box of crayons, He created man and woman and used colors like white, black, brown, and more. He used different colors for their eyes, too, and used all the other crayons in His box for nature, the animals, and insects.
God’s people had different languages and came from different places on the earth, but He loved them all the same. He was pleased with the uniqueness He created, making people of different colors and shapes, each special in their own way. When you see someone who looks or sounds different than you, remember God’s big crayon box and how much fun He had using all of His colors and how much He loves all the differences in His creations!
God’s Big Crayon Box embraces diversity, while keeping the lesson on the most simplistic level, for even very young readers to understand. It encourages a creative and basic way to educate children about diversity and the non-issue that it should be. We are all from the same source, despite our differences in appearance, the languages we speak, or where we are born.